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Is your property situated on a hill? Does the terrain have different heights? If you answered yes, then the chances are that you will need retaining walls! Landscapade installs retaining walls that are safe for all types of properties. Hiring a professional who can construct retaining walls will ensure that they are safe and strong, and we highly recommended that you do this.

Retaining Walls and Grading

A retainer wall is somewhat different from other walls. There are several different key components The name says it all! Retaining walls do exactly that. They retain soil. The walls help to keep the soil in place. Retaining walls can be built so that they are not dull in appearance. To divert water issues that you might be having a retainer wall will do the job! Also when the ground needs to be stabilized the retaining walls are always an option. Landscapade has a wide variety of retainer walls. Choosing the best one for your property is something we will assist you with. In addition to protecting your home from damage, land grading can also help to protect your landscaping and improve the health of your plants. During rainfall, water can pool up in certain spots, like the bottom of a hill, but with a retaining wall, you can avoid this issue.

Benefits of Grading and Retainer Walls

One of the greatest benefits of having a retainer wall is the ability to add plants to the outer walls to help blend it in with the rest of your property. The key to doing this is to use climber plants, which include types of veins, ivies, and certain flowers. One of the perks of grading your landscape is that it improves your drainage. Poor drainage leads to swampy yard conditions which also discourages plant growth and can make your property look uncared for. Grading is essential for creating a landscape that does not drain essential nutrients or chemicals from your water system. With tools to measure the exact slope, we can create channels that will catch draining water from your garden. Before building any type of patio or hardscaping, grading is important to make sure that it is level, and water will drain off efficiently.

Why choose us?

We know how to safely and professionally install retaining walls. Combining years of experience with a dedication to client satisfaction. Trust us to take care of your grading and retaining wall needs. Landscapade offers a range of services that will transform your yard into an adventure! A place where you can just sit back and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. We will help you with your landscape designs, turning them into a wonderland that will add value to your home!


We at Landscapade have years of experience and have earned a good reputation for having great workmanship and the best prices available. Landscapade worked hard to build the trust of our clients and all our clients are always more than satisfied. We always provide our clients with detailed quotations for our service. Without any shortcuts, yes it can cost more upfront, but it is vital to get landscaping off to a solid start.

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