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Ever thought of giving your property a fresh updated and modern look? Landscapade is your professional company that understands how to create your dream backyard for all your specific needs! We also provide weekly yard and lawn services to keep your new backyard in tip-top shape. Our expert staff knows hardscape and will help you make the right choice! Hardscape comes in many different forms. Path makers, retainer walls, pavers, and many more!


Landscape pavers provide visual interest and functionality to your landscaping. Adding landscape pavers to outdoor living spaces can take your hardscape to the next level. These elements can not only provide an attractive setting to your living and entertainment, but pavers can provide durability and function for years to come with little or no maintenance requirements. Paving stones always give your landscaping a professional appearance improving the value of your home. We can also incorporate paving stones into virtually any decorative element of your landscaping.

Hardscape Concrete and Curbing

Our specialist will take care of all your curbing needs. Concrete not only requires minimum maintenance but when installed by an experienced concrete contractor this material can last for decades! Concrete is one of the most durable edgings that you can choose. It is not prone to rotting or other types of deterioration, even in the most extreme weather conditions. Landscapade can assist you with all sizes and types of ramps, paths, and driveways. We at Landscapade will design and install virtually any type of decorative functional element using concrete to bring your vision to life!

Our services

Do you have a specific design in mind? Then we will take care of you at affordable prices! Our sales staff will consult with you on a personal level on project details and design. And if you have changes or new ideas along the way? No problem! We are here for you to assist with your every need. Will make sure that your design turns out exactly as you want it to be. To get your custom design project on the way is to make a booking with Landscapade. Once we meet, our team of professional landscapers will walk you through some designs and ideas.


Hardscape can be a little more costly than other types of landscaping. The upkeep and maintenance, however, are very minimal and will last for years! As well our high-quality services won’t be found anywhere else! We at Landscapade will provide you with a quotation that we are most confident will impress you! Give us a call today so that we can get started on helping you with your new landscape! Concrete foundations can be expensive, depending on the type of foundation that is required. Prices also differ based on the size of the foundation that will need to be installed, as well as the thickness of the concrete that will be needed. Repair prices will depend on the damage that the concrete foundation has suffered, and what type of repair methods will be needed to be used for our contractors to efficiently repair the concrete foundation. You will find that our prices are the best and that they cannot be compared anywhere else!

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