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Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are the foundation of most landscape plantings. To select the right plants for your landscape area, there are several factors to take into consideration. Landscape design is sometimes described as an art form, and this is because when designing a landscape, you can create any type of atmosphere. Before considering specific landscape plants, evaluate the area that you are planting. Get in touch with Landscapade who are the best professionals that offer tree and landscaping services at the best prices!

What are the benefits?

Trees and shrubs improve water and soil conservation, store carbon, and moderate local climate by providing shade for animals and people. They also regulate extreme temperatures. These are all benefits of trees and shrubs. There are endless benefits to planting trees and shrubs! Most often we plant trees and shrubs to provide shade and beautify our landscape. Well, in some places trees and shrubs can help to decrease energy consumption during the hot summer months. Trees can also improve air quality by removing dust and other pollutants such as carbon dioxide and ozone from the air we breathe. They reduce the amount of stormwater runoff which reduces erosion and pollution.

Tree and Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs can help define the shape and feel of your yard. Shrubbery can naturally cool the yard, prevent runoff water, and improve the air that we breathe. Shrubs also contribute to energy saving for homeowners. For example, shrubs planted around the outside of a home can provide shade from direct sunlight. That means that less heat is being transferred to the inside of your home. After shrubs and bushes have been planted and arranged properly in your yard it takes a caring and precise hand to keep them upright. Our team is experienced in landscape design — we know how to help you select the right shrubbery to match the beauty of your yard, and highlight the best features of your property. Our trees and shrub experts also know where to plant certain shrubs.

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The natural benefits that trees and shrubs provide, also known as ecological services, are difficult to achieve without very costly feats of engineering, we will be saving you money with our services! Landscapade keeps this service low so that everyone can afford it. Our prices are affordable, and we guarantee that you will receive the best service in town!

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